Led by the Society of Merchant Venturers, comprising leaders from the city’s business, creative and educational community, the Venturers’ Trust aims to bring inspiration and excellence to education in greater Bristol.

It works in the best interests of children, schools, teachers and communities – and has the strongest possible commitment to achieving excellence.

The Venturers’ Trust, as an umbrella trust, confers considerable freedom and autonomy on its member schools and academies, but within a structure. Schools in difficulties are given the support structures to ensure their improvement. High performing schools are given considerable autonomy to continue to thrive within our broad vision.

We are proud of the performance of our current members, whose achievements and record of improvement rank amongst the most remarkable in the country.

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Cullum McAlpineCullum McAlpine
Master, Society of Merchant Venturers

"The Society of Merchant Venturers has supported education in Bristol for over 400 years. We believe that great schools are set apart by their character, identity and traditions. This is why our governance model celebrates individuality and diversity and does not seek to standardise. The Venturers' Trust is a family of schools which benefits from excellent governance, high-quality, professional expertise and support, and collective critical mass. This is underpinned by the Society of Merchant Venturers, which stands behind the Venturers' Trust and whose members are able to provide insight and experience in governance as well as being able to offer a wide range of opportunities for the schools and their students."


The Venturers' Trust is an umbrella trust set up by the Society of Merchant Venturers to support schools in the greater Bristol area. It does not seek to be the largest sponsor in the area, but to be the most respected, and the one with the highest impact. We aim to demonstrate exceptional added value through outstanding progression rates, the development of highly skilled and well-rounded young people, and the transformation of local communities.

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The Venturers' Trust has a structure that allows the best qualities of its members to be shared, whilst preserving the autonomy of individual schools. The Venturers' Trust has been shaped through experience improving and sustaining excellence in some of the nation's most successful schools and academies. Now it is actively recruiting further members in the West of England.

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